Panasonic Hollywood Labs - Brand Video from Lucid on Vimeo.

I offered my works to "Panasonic Hollywood Labs - Brand Video".

I thought it is very interesting because it becomes unexpected finished work if others process my works.

thsnks PHL & Rick Husong!

the other day I participated in "Bug in the Machine".

This is a report.

thanks Pearl.

Last year, I offered my art works to Low Carbon Leaders in wwf.

a1.jpg a2.jpg

a3.jpg a4.jpg

a5.jpg b1.jpg

b2.jpg b3.jpg



thanks, dennis.

My art works were used in Panasonic Branding Video.

Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory

This time, I offered only images.

I thought that the produce of other people was interesting too.

I want to collaborate with more companies in future.

and I wish participate in production.